My Jar Of Good Stuff : Day 6 : Smiling in the Rain

Feb 2nd 2013 : Saturday

If any of you are here in the Emirates, you will know that its been a grey and gloomy day, its as though the sky and the clouds are crying, bringing with it a change of weather. But this optimistic and hopeful blogger believes when the weather gets dark and grey and gloomy, its time to go out to the street and eat that crazy fast food that you just shouldn’t, Bring it home and spend some time holding a hot cup of tea, warming your heart and your fingers and your soul, wearing warm and cosy socks, surrounded by your loved ones, with the windows wide open as the rain drops fall softly onto the world around you.
All of the above are just soo much to fit onto a sticky note…

So the best thing that happened to me today is( Drum Roll) : God Sent Some Rain to Remember What it is to feel Warm



Life is wonderful, it really really is……
-Here’s to those magical rainy days that brings you immense joy


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