If you are tired, Rest

The heat is back, and back in force. Funnily enough we are blaming the Feb- March rainfall for it. Weather predictions are all crazy these days, with sandstorms and high temperatures and we are even expecting some rain, which is weird at this time of the year, but its not something we will refuse. We could do with some rain, a lot of rain would be even better ( last time it rained, work was cancelled.. so you know why its a welcome prediction )

But its the vacation I am waiting for. Vacations  starts from the day you submit your leave application, and continues all the way you are back from your said vacation and have to return to work and start planning for the next one. Truth – The anticipation of vacation is always greater than the actual vacation, and you plan to do so many things, as though there are a 1000 days in a single day, sadly, the number of hours in a day remain the same throughout the year, vacation or not.

I read somewhere

” If you are Hungry, eat; if you are tired, Don’t complain, Rest and Pray always” .

Rest seems like such a simple thing to do, when its probably more satisfying to complain and whine and groan and cry about how tired you are, but there’s only so much your system can take, before you have a “check engine’ light going off on your body . With all this crazy technology, there’s no escape from work, someone is always calling about something, there’s always that email you have to answer and there’s always something pressing that needs your attention. I used to look at people carrying their laptop suitcase things to work and return late in the night and I used to take, what is this madness driving them, until  I realized that it was the same madness driving me.. the urgency of the moment, never having a cleared desk or an unread inbox. Dad and I did the calculation, of the 168 hours in a week, we work around 50 hours, and the rest 118 hours is just preparation and recovery for the hours worked, and that’s just a weeks calculation.

That’s crazy.

So rest, and go on vacation and talk about the weather, because sometimes you need to do crazy mundane things like that and turn your car into an art studio, cause its toooo hot to stand outside and draw

MAMZZAR 2016 2

Here’s to vacations ( 3 weeks to go)




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