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Letter to the littlest of boys

To our Nathan,
With your tiny feet and ridiculous energy, you have become the darling of our family. We love you more than you love Tic Tac and neeenos. It’s been a long time we had someone who has exhausted us, our energy, our patience and logical thinking abilities, but you have done that and more.
You are a boy through and through and a very good one at that just like the other boys in the family. You are messy, and naughty, you are boisterous and can be quite a handful, but its your innocence that’s endearing. It’s the innocence we have sort of forgotten, the one where you jump into the ocean without worrying about anything, the innocence of making friends without second guessing, the innocence of trusting  people, knowing that everyone you see has God in them. Not to forget your love for sand and all that can be done with it



I pray you grow up to a world that helps you as well as holds you to the ground. I pray you know that happiness is fleeting, but to be content is what we live for. I pray that you know pain and disappointment, along with immeasurable Joy and everlasting Love and I pray that God gives you his Strength and guards you and protects you, guides you and uses you so that you may fulfil your purpose here, may he protect your heart from corruption and spoil and keep it as innocent and as beautiful as it is now.

For now, you are only 2 and a half years old, and your 1000 year old cousin sister, as old as she is,doesn’t know all that much about your ambulance neenos, but she knows what a blessing you are to all of us us how grateful we are to have you.
God Bless you

Here’s to the tiny brother



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