The only way to eat Crabs *

*With your hands..

Sometimes, when we eat, we eat for the energy and the nutrition, other times we eat, because we have a hunger of the soul, of imagination and of memory. Food is a great carrier of memory, imagination, a binder of relations, a cure for the broken heart, and strength for the body and the soul, a ritual and tradition.

In our home, we eat crabs maybe only just twice a year, but when we do, its feels like a festival, and you look forward to it every year, just like you do your birthday.

The best way to eat crabs is whole, cooked in richly spiced curry, just the way Ma makes it, the only real way to enjoy it, is with your hands, and fingers, with messy plates and messy shirts. It’s like a celebration, there are no side dishes, just plain steamed rice, and your giant humongous vessel of  big traditional Goan crabs, and a table full of your family. And After you’re done, you feel like you’ve just spent in the afternoon in the Goa,with its coconut trees, and the hot summer, just before the monsoon season, and you realize that even if you are far away from Home, Home has never really left you, and you can’t help but be thankful, and happy.

Here’s to life and a vessel full of crabs.



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