Work in Progress

I asked an artist for advice on how to get better at drawing and painting, and he only looked at me with that smile in his eyes and said ” Draw Everyday”. I looked at him like he was crazy ,thinking to myself ” Man I don’t have enough time to breathe, talk less of drawing everyday, give me advice that’s actually helpful.

I was wrong…..aaand its not the first time

It seems to be the only way out. I didn’t really take it to heart, until ofcourse I heard the same sentiment shared by GD from Big Bang from the time he was on Happy Together.

I guess GD was more convincing, and it kind of sort of made sense to me when GD said it ( cause He’s GD and all)  and all of last year I decided to relentlessly, stupidly pursuing this thing, not knowing if it would actually help me out or not. If not everyday, then every weekend, and slowly things  actually happened and the paintings were decent enough that I didn’t cringe as much as I used to before – meaning there was about a 5 % resemblance to what I was trying to draw, which is great, because there was a time, when I once tried to paint this dreamy scene of lanterns floating through the night and the brother was wondering why I was trying to draw feta cheese in the night sky… ( which should’ve been reason enough for me to quit.. but I persevered – phew!)

I was browsing through Bored Panda the other day ( its my favourite past-time, cause unlike Buzzfeed, they don’t say their articles will change your life.. stop trying to change my life Buzzfeed.. I am happy the way it is right now). In any case, they had artists post their artwork from when they initially started drawing and the artwork they have worked on recently and its really really amazing, you can see how far they have come.. Its really interesting to see- it will immediately make you think of your journey so far with the thing that you like to do.

Someone once said we always grow in levels, which is something I think is true, we always grow in levels, in relation to how much we know ourselves, and every level brings a greater awareness than before and after sometimes you get caught in that moment where you suddenly travel back to the day you first started and you look at what you are able to do now and it kind of amazes you.

It amazes me, it gives me goosebumps, not only with me, but when you look around, and you look around at the people in your life and you see them progressing and each day the light in their eyes grows bigger and bigger. There’s nothing like personal achievement, nothing like starting out knowing this thing you are attempting is bigger than what you are capable of and then years later the thing you thought you couldn’t do, comes as natural as breathing.

My paintings may not have much of an audience  except for the laundry guy, the water guy, the carpenter guy  who are forced to look at them hanging on our walls everytime they come home, and it may not change the world, or make someone feel anything, but to me it will always mean a moment in time, an expression of self, it will always be a memory and ability and progress.. and that’s good enough.

So if you suck now, remember that won’t always be the case, gradually you’ll suck less and then you be really good at it, that the laundry guy won’t cringe so much.

That’s the lesson of this post .. soo education and inspirational.

Anywhoo, here’s my progress

Age 21

Unknown Dude ( 2011)

Age : 25

Grandad.- Papa (2016)

What’s the one thing you are stupidly, crazily pursing?









2 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. Awesome post, Sabrina! I took the plunge in the 80’s and have been growing ever since. I don’t know if what I do is worthwhile in any other way than I love to draw and paint. I have seen the changes over the years, so what you say, here, is absolutely true. There is growth in all we pursue. Very cool portraits. Both of them. without the first one, the second could not be.

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