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In Defense of Jung Hwan #TeamJungHwan Forever

I am impassioned, Impassioned and slightly ticked of. Ticked off enough to write this post, with the cursor roaming all over the screen because it is just as impassioned as me ( or maybe we are just having technical difficulties with the mouse .. not sure which )

In any case, back to my ticked-ness, I have just completed watching Reply 1988, or R88 as its known now, and I absolutely loved it, except for the 1 part – Great story ( except for the one story flaw), amazing Cast ( except for the one thing in the story ) and one delightful OST ( except for the part where you know what happens in the story) and fantastic writing ( except for that one part)

*SPOILERS* Proceed with caution, although at this point, I am sure everyone knows what just happened, and literally that’s the expression that everyone who has been following this drama is walking around with.. What Just Happened. ( retreats to corner…cries)

I would’ve posted my rage and my anger and my heartbreak on one of the drama forums, only I am ever so slightly worried of the other people coming at me, so for my safety and sanity I will post it here.. in the privacy of my very public blog ( I am sure it will be fine)

Jung Hwan.. This guy , this fictional character that cannot just be real, but goodness me, I wish he was, because he would be an amazing person in real life. I think the reason he has so much appeal is because RYJ played him so well,  and he seems soo relate-able and of course never in the 20 Eps, did you ever feel like he was the second lead, so it was surprising that this drama turned out the way it did


Husband Hunt aside, I loved the way this character was written, and among all, I think it was something very special. With his sense of loyalty and love for family- one that always came before everything else.

Somehow where other people saw hesitation and thought him to be a coward, I think his loyalty and friendship with CT was more important to him, enough to let go of the one thing he wanted.- He had that courage, He had that Big a heart ( I know he is a fictional character, but it didnt’t feel like that at all)

We are like that sometimes, even if everything tells you Do what you wish, and forget about everything else, follow your heart, at times its impossible to, because you are not at the same wave length as the world, and no one can entirely know  or understand your motivations .. sometimes we cannot always go after what we want.

JH was written so delicately, rough and course on the surface, inexpressive and complicated, but underneath it all, he has a gentle side to him, that cannot just help escape his whole facade and I guess that’s why everyone was rooting him, he seemed the obvious choice, and it was heartbreaking to see how it all turned out to be.

I wish he got the girl, and till the last minute I hoped for some kind of mega plot twist, but we didn’t get any. It was painful because everything was leading to that one obvious conclusion, and we didn’t get it.

Its more heartbreaking than How I met your Mother ending, and even though I cannot understand why writers like to torture their own characters and their audience so much, I do accept this is their story and its going to be the way it is.

I guess we still get SWBR as a consolation, and even though its not what we were hoping for, its better than nothing because it was all JH and DS were supposed to be *aggresive crying*

I loved the series though, considering the fact that I wasn’t even planning to watch it, not after hearing all the laments of R94, but it got me, from the very first scene, this drama got it, and it held my attention for all of the 20 eps. This writer is incredible in the way we are made to feel things and relate to situations we’ve never experienced before. I thought R97 ( my favourite of all three) was most familiar, but it was R88 that really really touched me, because it was like going back to my childhood, to the neighbourhood I spent the first 5 years of my life , and now living in a city very far from my home country , it made me realize all things I had missed, but it gave me a chance to relive that and its probably for that very reason , I’ll keep coming back to this drama, like coming back home from a vacation.

Of to marathon R88… #TeamJungHwan




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