The Block

Sometimes I find it difficult to write, to put thought to paper, it’s even harder to paint. So you change the paper, find different pens, try changing the playlists, try writing or drawing at different times than when you used to do, previously, but nothing works.
Sometimes in life you find yourself in a place where you cannot write, or draw or play or do the things that you were used to. The words that come to you are inadequate, the paint that flows of your brushes dull, the strings on your guitar alarming.

Creativity and the process therein becomes arduous, and tedious with the inspiration and the will to do anything about it eluding you.
I guess that’s what you call a block, a place where the future path is so well hidden it’s seems like an end, but really its only a pause in time, only your frustration never really let’s you see it that way, knowing that it’ll take all your patience and all of your courage to stand at that spot waiting for the mist to clear.
Not being able to write, or draw or play is like having your close friend go away, and you’re patiently waiting, because you have this ocean of words and ideas, and images you want to show her, but you have to wait, wait until she gets back .
It’s in the waiting and in the faithfulness of your waiting, that you will find your harvest.

People say at times like these, its best to keep working, its best to remove all the dirt and run it out, until the good stuff starts bursting forth. Put in your hours, and and what you want will come back to you.

It’s a hard process,‎ a rebellion against nature, because everything you do seems to be in vain, it has no real meaning, and no significance, but it’s only in doing, and in trying, you flush out all the frustration, like the monsoon season, washing away the exhaustion, the repetition, the grease; washing out the corners of your soul, so that one day, once that is over, you can start anew.
I guess that’s what we need,‎ this is why you have to go through such processes,because ultimately its not the end of the road, just a revelation of a new one.

– The Amber Rose Diaries

Here’s to the waiting




2 thoughts on “The Block

  1. “the future path is so well hidden it’s seems like an end, but really its only a pause in time” That line got me. Sometimes when I’m stuck writing a blog post or an article, I feel so lost and have no idea where I’m going with it. But if we try, yes, we will get somewhere. The moment we try, we move forwards and move away from where we are going round and round in circles. Waiting can be painful, but if we chip away at what we’re doing while waiting for the next opportunity, we can always take away something from that 🙂

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