When you have to say Goodbye

There are some moments in life you will carry with you all your life, moments of great Joy and sometimes moments of immeasurable sadness. 2 weeks ago, we had that moment in our family, when our grandfather passed away.

Nothing in life can prepare you for a moment such as this,even if you know such a time is coming. Loss is hard to describe other than experiencing it is the most hardest thing you do, rationalizing it is even worse, but our mortality demands it of us.

It is who we are.


That was the moment I came to know.

My grandad wasn’t a very extraordinary person, except probably to the people who knew him. He was a man who commanded so much respect and judging by all the people I saw crying and the grave that was completely covered in flowers & wreaths he was a man who was loved, a proof of a life well and truly sincerely lived.

There won’t be another man like My grandpa, there won’t be another one who will teach us and treat us, who would talk to us and love us like that. Its grief of the loss of the person and the loss of the relationship.

People say 85 years is  a full life, but to the ones who’ve said goodbye even a 1000 years isn’t enough, but we’ve said our goodbyes with the undying hope there will surely be inseparable reunion in heaven.

Its our faith that keeps us going.

That’s what we have to become.

Now we’re left here in the pain
Black suit black tie standing in the rain
And now my family is one again- Ed Sheeran

Here’s to life, here’s to grandfathers, here’s to being blessed with someone who makes it so hard to say goodbye



2 thoughts on “When you have to say Goodbye

  1. So sorry for your loss and hope you are doing well. I am sure your grandfather is now watching over you wherever you go. We never really are alone, and faith and the world works in the most mysterious ways. Never easy losing a loved one…but at the end of the day, we still have memories to hold onto. Stay strong, and take care.

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