The Case for Pockets

‎As an expert in observational economics ( I just made that up and that gives me the right to be the expert) I have observed that the fashion industry functions on on the economic law known as the returns from diminishing fabric.
In other terms, ceterus paribus ( using Latin makes this more legit) more fabric equals to diminishing returns and vice versa.
In other other terms, shorter the shorts = higher price tag, longer the skirt= lower price tag, unless of course it’s Aeropostale where it has nothing to do with quality or length, more to do with how homeless you can look, the more homeless the more you pay (this is known as a economic exception)

But the fashion/garment/fabric industry is really against women, in that they believe clothes are meant for decorative purpose and not functional. ‎Decorative is important, but we need functional clothing too. Take for example pockets ( not not the useless pockets on the shirts.. no one needs those!) the ones in pants,shirts,shorts,dresses, the ones to hold stuff, like hands/phones/tabs/cameras/cards/wallets/ plates/saucers/children/ homes (ok maybe not the plates and saucers, because those are fragile) but other than that why can’t we have pants like the guys have.
Why can’t we have that? We have things that need to be put somewhere. Instead of giving us pockets, they give us fake pockets, cleverly stitching impressions of what seems to be a pocket, but in fact is only a strip of fabric made to seem like a pocket and they charge us the moon and back for it.

Where is equality? Where is consideration? Where do I do put my hands when I am trying to seem cool and making a point only I don’t have pockets and it seems like an Eminem video where he has no idea what to do with his hands, and you’re left there wondering what to do.

‎In any case I hope dear fashion industry you now know why we need deep spacious pockets, to keep the things that need keeping. Please make it happen. We’ll make it worth your while.

Till then I’ll just have to accept the false holes you’ve stitched into my pants.


Here’s to pockets and Aeropostale and observational economics



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