A letter to my out of town mother

To my out of town mother

Dearest Ma,

Hope this blog post finds you in good health. It would please you to know that we are just as you left us, except probably a little rounder that when you saw us last ( we’re on an all meat diet, it’s glorious!)

Regards to that guy they call my brother.

Dubai is as you left it, it’s a furnace, the only thing missing is Smaug, but there are rumours that he lives somewhere in our neighbourhood, how else would you explain all this gold and heat.

I have taken to watercolouring in a very serious way, it has become my new favourite love affair, parts of it not entirely restricted to paper, because enthusiam has no constraint, and some has infact made its way to your sofa. I am hoping you won’t notice, but seeing as how I have much worse news to deliver, I am hoping you will forgive me for the sofa, which in my defense has only become brighter and more lively than before.

I strive to be a good daughter, and housemate and I assure you I take my responsibilities very seriously, but there are things that are not entirely in my control, to that effect,it is with a very heavy heart I must inform you of the sudden and tragic demise of your curry leaf plant. You must remember how I told you about Dubai being a furnace and how I hinted at the possibility of this neighbourhood harbouring that vile smaug, needles to say, the curry leaf plant didn’t stand a chance.
To compensate the loss, I tried growing garlic, which grew beautifully for 4 days before giving up, and the lemon and the carrot followed suit, with the lemon seeds refusing to even germinate and the carrot top mocking me.
So much for pinterest projects.
I have given up altogether, ‎focusing instead on my watercolouring and my accidental refashioning of your sofa
Other than this, there isn’t other significant development, work is the same, life is the same and we’re missing you tremendously. We look forward to your return, but request you to give us 72 hours advance notice, seeing as how there are things to put in order.
Hope you are having a good time and are eagerly waiting for you.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday and once again regards to that dude who we call my brother


P.S. Did I mention how sorry I am ? Very very very sorry, that’s how sorry I am


One thought on “A letter to my out of town mother

  1. Such a lovely letter to your mum. I’m sure she would enjoy reading it when she sees this ❤ Growing fruits, veggies and plants can be difficult…the plants can be fickle and too hot or too cold and they wither away. My parents bought a few plants for the house the other day and they nag at me to water it constantly – no water, no grow. Sorry to hear that is very hot in Dubai. It's winter here in Australia and freezing cold. I could use some of that heat 😉

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