What if…

I have a theory.

Or more like a question

What if we consider all the people we know, all the things that we own, all the knowledge we possess as things we have borrowed, things that have been lent to us for temporary use.

What if we treated them with respective level of caution, what if we protected them knowing that one day we would have to return it to the original owner, that we’d be held accountable for how we used them, how we grew them, how we preserved them and that these things are only just temporary, only for now, that precious as they are they don’t really belong to us.
I have a feeling that if we did, maybe life would be a little bit better, words would have honour and be guarded, havr meaning, relationships wouldn’t crumble so easily, things wouldn’t be misused as they are now.

Life infact wouldn’t be a passage of time, but something extraordinary.

It’s only just a theory, but what if we believed it
– Kindred

Here’s to theories and questions


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