For the love of cashews

My grandfather took us to the mountains one day to see cashew trees, we rode on his scooter, my brother in the front and me behind, I’ve long forgotten the day and the month and the year but I remember looking at him as he explained how cashews grow. . I’d never seen such a sight before, never knew they grew on trees or that you could even eat the fruit, but there we were, me and my brother sitting on his scooter eating cashew fruit, staining our clothes, hands all sticky, faces stickier but somehow very very happy.

It’s been over 10 years since that memory, years since I’d tasted cashew, and I’ve been chasing that taste but I’ve always been a season too late, until I finally got what I wanted, biting into the cashew fruit, I tasted childhood and the grandchild within me cried thinking of the beautiful memories my granddad gave us and continues to give us.

For me cashews will always mean mountains, Goa, childhood and my beloved grandfather who has blessed my life.


Here’s to Grandfathers and lessons and new discoveries



4 thoughts on “For the love of cashews

  1. I remember seeing cashew fruits in Malaysia…if I’m right the cashew tree produces cashew fruits or cashew apple and nuts. It must have been fun and scary sitting on a scooter with two other people! In some countries you’ll see four people on one scooter and it’s a normal thing. What a sweet story you shared, thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel, thank you, you are right … although I am really at a loss trying to describe the fruit’s taste… and I completely agree with you on the whole scooter observation, when I see 3 or 4 people on a scooter, I sometimes wonder what’s holding them all together, for us we are not really used to it, but I guess for them its kind of the way they have lived all their lives… scary but sometimes exciting.. hehe

  2. I had a tear in my eye . Felt like I was with my papa and it brought back such fond memores ! Lovely heartfelt post!

    1. Wow, thank you… I am glad.. isn’t it amazing how someone’s memories mirror your own, and even more amazing that we have so many beautiful memories and wonderful moments we have experienced.. 🙂

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