The Cross Of Christ

He looked at them as a father looks at his children, his loving gaze upon their eager faces. 

“One of Christianity’s greatest symbols” he said, ” is the Cross of Christ. Like this one behind me.

When you step into the front door of this church, that is the first thing you see, Jesus, the Son of God nailed to His cross, the weight of the world on Him. Just as it is here, you see it in our homes, on our alters, in our cars and on our tables.

Where some people see the cruelty of mankind, we the church recognize it as the greatest act of love, where the Son of Man laid down his life for his friends. 

But it isn’t just about the cross, rather it is what it represents. 


Not forgiveness after we die or in some point later in our lives, but here and now when we really need it.  That’s the Kind of God we have, the One that knows the urgency of the Mercy, the preciousness of forgiveness, where He knows how much we need it, He made the greatest symbol of His love. 

Where some people give you flowers, and buy you good things, and treat you well,  the Father gave us the best he could.. his own life in His dearest Son so that we may never forget, so that we may always know where our anchor is

So when you look to the cross and you see Your Jesus hanging there, just know that you have been forgiven for all that you have done and for all that you will do. Maybe this is why, we can be at peace, knowing we have an assurance, that we have a God that keeps His Promise, a God that rescues, a God that sustains, a God that Forgives and a God that didn’t think Twice about laying down his life for his people. 

So if you find yourself unsure, doubtful, worried or anxious, look to the cross, see how his cross extends in all four directions, He will find you wherever you are, you can never be to far gone for  him, never too far for him to reach, for his mercy will extend to wherever you are…. ”

– Kindred

Wishing you a blessed Good Friday

Here’s to God and his infinite love




4 thoughts on “The Cross Of Christ

  1. Rather glad I’ve kept up with your musings on life the universe and everything.

    Forgiveness is I think one of the most profound of human emotions and all the more so when it is deemed unexpected by the recipient. We live in times that are often heavily polarised but the Christian message of forgiveness cuts through that even in the face of terrible opposition. It is as strong today as it was over 2000 years ago.

    Have a happy Easter Sabrina.

    I have a feeling you might be quite an interesting person to know.

    1. Soo true, I love how you mention forgiving people who are not expecting to be forgiven, I think this is the only way to live. Peace is not really kept by people in campaigns and peace marches and by the law makers as much as it is kept by ordinary people who just brush away each others faults, dismiss their mistakes and treat them with a sense of mercy.

      Thank you for visiting, I really appreciate you taking the time to say such nice things, goodness knows it brightened my day 🙂

      Sorry for the super late Easter Wish, hope you had a good celebration!

      1. With Easter in mind (yes, we had a lovely one at this end) I get very moved by the apostle Peters story where after the ghastly awfulness of the crucifixion he sees Christ standing on the shoreline when he’s on his boat fishing. For just a moment reflect on what is going on in his head at that precise moment. He’s the one who denied Christ three times. He’s the one who hid and did nothing. He’s the one with a desperately heavy heart – a life changing heart full of the sense of having let down someone who was very dear to him… and suddenly Christ is close by, on the shore. If I was Peter, my heart would have soared at this 2nd chance. A forgiveness. A new door opening and a chance to say I’m sorry… I was wrong. It is a profound moment, one that often sends chills down my back because it casts light on something that forgiveness brings all of us. Its neither pious nor sanctimonious, it just is… and it only needs faith and a just heart to make it happen. Even the sometimes rather staid wording of the gospel can’t help but capture the emotion of that meeting as Peter strips off and plunges head first into the water to get to Christ as fast as he can. Yes, forgiveness is an astonishing thing.

        Keep the reflections coming as I look forward to your thoughts landing in my inbox. Today I learned for the first time (I’m not kidding) that Cashews grew on trees. Your grandpa has had an impact world wide 🙂

      2. Reading this I felt myself transported back to that time, and every time I read it and Peter’s experience, I keep learning new things. This part of the gospel will never stop to amaze me, because there are times I found myself in this place, searching for mercy and understanding, and reading about Peter has always helped me move forward…isn’t it amazing how relevant and how the Gospel is as it was 2000 years ago, like God knew how all we would go through and he prepared us for it all , by giving Jesus as an example to follow…..

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