Mama said there would be days like this

Somedays can be quite challenging to get through.  Its those days when you feel your soul bare, being picked upon mercilessly, again and again until nothing much is left behind.
We are all intimately aquainted with pain, the pain of rejection,  of failure, of disappointment,  and neglect.
Some of the people we admire and aspire to be, have known suffering more than they knew themselves, some of the people we encounter in our everyday lives wear their suffering as they do their wardrobe.
Its not alien to us, and yet its the one thing we keep trying to avoid.

There is virtue in suffering, even if it isnt as obvious as we think it should be.
Somedays I am not as okay as I’d like to be and I wish I didn’t have to go through such days, somedays I wish God would take away the hard parts and give me the parts of my life that are easy, that are comfortable, but then I realize these experiences enrich our lives, like a blank canvas that needs to be filled with all shades of colour before the entire painting can have definition.
Our challenges define us, our response to them makes us, they are the blessing we have even if it doesn’t seem like that, slowly, steadily molding us to be the person God intended us to be.

Here’s to life and everything in it.


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