Just like the first time

What if you could meet someone you’ve known for your entire life, for the first time ever?  Sometimes I find myself thinking back to the first time I met some people, and I cannot quiet belive the place they hold in my life.

Nothing compares to the first meeting. The nervousness, the awkwardness, as each word breaks down your own defences, and you begin drawing lines on all the common things that connect you. Somewhere in that conversation,  at some point you begin to fall in love with the possibilty of having this person in your life for as long as you live.

To go from being uncertain of a person,   to finding our first impressions gradually  change to reveal the true person who you can call your own

Ive met most of my friends this way, in the ordinary discourse of life, in what seemed like the most simplest things but now looking back its seems so spectacular, because for us to have tp found each other is nothing less than miraculous to me.

I would like to go back to the day I met some of the people who have become a constant in my life, I would like to fall in love all over again, to get to know them, to have those far fetched conversations,  to enjoy each others company, to remember what it was like,  to know once again and to come to the realization that this is my person and that this was the beginning of something beautiful.

I suppose its a long shot and incredulous wishful thinking but if I ever had a couple of wishes this would be one of those… to go back to the start.

Here’s to friendships and beginnings


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