Just another ordinary life

He gets up at 4 in the morning, half asleep, reluctant and exhausted, yet there is a need far greater than his own, a reason that pulls him out of his slumber.
He leaves his front door, the night still hanging by a thread, only to see his  family  all hurrying to get their own day started.

The 1 year old will to go the day care
The 3 year old just started  school, the 7 year old has a new fascination.

He spends an hour in traffic, one hand on the steering wheel, another supporting his head, making his way to the place that will demand more than he can give, that will give him far less than what he asked for.
But he doesn’t complain.
He has to make a living.
His need is greater than his comfort

He works, making money for someone else, somedays forgetting to eat, sometimes forgetting to smile, pushing himself to complete the targets set in front of him.

Their demand is great, his need is greater still.

The clock strikes 5 and its time for him to leave but he can’t,  not as yet. So he watches as people wind up, say goodbye as they walk out the door.
He stays just a bit longer, to do a little more, hoping that maybe tomorrow might be a little easier,  a little more better.

But it won’t matter, he will do what needs to be done.
His wish is important but his need is greater

The office is empty, the chairs are vacant, and he is all on his own. He breathes in and the cold office doesn’t give any relief. He asks himself why? He wonders how it came to be this way.
And then he remembers the 1 year old who spent the whole day in day care, the 3 year who learnt to draw some new thing in school, and the 7 year old who is waiting to tell him another great thing he discovered today.
He smiles to himself.

Sometimes the very definition of life is sacrifice, and to him it has become the foundation of which his family stands.

He switches off his computer and drives home, desperate for the miles to pass, impatient to home.

In all things his need is tremendous.

Love used to be a game, now it has become the 4 faces that greet him with  joyous smiles when he steps into his house.

People will say he works for the money, but money has always just been paper. He pays with his time, his reward the future of those waiting at home for him

You can ask why he works the way he does, why does he live the way he does, why has it come to this, why is he driven by such desperatation and he will tell you

Nothing is too hard,  nothing too desperate, nothing as important as the privelge he has of being reponsible for the for the ones that are under his care.

Here’s to you, the everyday heros, thank you for your sacrifice, your hardwork and for being you


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