Believe in yourself

Sometimes in life you find yourself all on your own, as if on purpose, as if such a time was deliberately fashioned to teach you something. I started my 2015 that way, completely by myself, a little bit terrified, a mighty bit concerned, always walking on the edge of uncertainty.

There are days you cannot see too far ahead, there are days you don’t know what’s coming, and your not sure about the extent of grace your going to need, but thankfully you don’t have to be so calculative, somehow things work out.

One of the greatest challenges of being on your own and figuring things out is having to deal with the making wrong decisions. People always say its ok to make mistakes, its the only way to learn, but they never talk about the consequences that come after youve made those mistakes.
You’re free to make your choice, you’re not free from the results of that choice.

But being on your own, is the only means of truly finding who you are, your capabilities,  your short comings, it tests your character as it does your will. When you are forced to dig deep and look inward to find that foundation upon which to stand on, its something that will change your whole sense of being.

I’ve never been in that position before and to face it now, is both overwhelming as it is exciting, its something that I didn’t know I needed and yet it has come as a blessing to me. We will always need other people, after all we are always defining ourselves in relations to others, and yet there are sometimes we need ourselves more.

So, in the year 2015, I wish you a time of aloness, a time of self discovery and a time to getting to know yourself more.

You might find yourself alone
You might find yourself thrown down
By the world you have to face by yourself
But when those times do come by just remember to stay
Hold on hold on linger on
– Roy Kim

Heres to new beginnings and a blessed year ahead!


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