21 Rules to Live by

1. Nobody owes you anything. You owe the world the best that you can be

2. You don’t deserve special treatment just because you belong to some category of society, you deserve to be treated and to treat people as human beings

3. Don’t put people in trouble just to get out of trouble, your relief shouldn’t come at the expense of others

4. Majority doesn’t justify how right or wrong things are, things are right because they are right, and wrong because they are wrong

5. There are people who will always be better than you , that standard exists only to show you how far you can go

6. Talent is ok, but hard work and using your talent is even better

7. Don’t let people convince you that the things you do, or things you love are insignificant

8. Be your own cheerleader

9. Everything you buy and everything you owned is bought by the hours of your life, use your time better

10. Be careful with your anger, just becuase you can say what you want doesn’t mean you should

12. Love your parents & your family

13. Be grateful for what you have, don’t abuse your body just so you can

14. Do what you can with what you have
15. Find the humour in every situation. Life is not ideal but it is beautiful

16. Don’t worry too much about evetything, worrying increases your anxiety,  anxiety destroys your peace, when you don’t have peace you take the wrong decisions

17. Learn from everything and from everyday and from every person that comes your way

18. Trust God,  He knows what he’s doing. He’s got you.

19. Be patient in your wait, be grateful in your patience, be joyful with the time you have

20. Be useful not just unique, & add to society don’t just be a part of it.

And lastly,  grow that fire within you, your passions and your dreams, make it big enough for everyone to be a part of it.

Here’s to life and to making the most of it.
P. s. Its my 3 year blog anniversary and I wanted to thank each and every reader for being with me throughout this time. Its your encouragement that keeps me going. So thank you and God Bless you


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