This Post is organic**

** I have no clue what that means

If you’ve ever shopped at a supermarket or been among people you would’ve noticed how these days every thing is “organic”, how people are “organic” and conversations are “organic” , children are “organic”, life is very much “organic” .
It’s all a big “organic” fest or so I am told.
Whatever that means.

I used to think that the word “organic” meant agricultural produce that is produced without use of any fertilizers and pesticides and insecticides and all other kill joy type of “cides”.
That is what my 7th grade teacher taught me anyways, now however I am beginning to think that it may be something else entirely

Just the other day I overheard a conversation between two people, I am not entirely sure of the subject under discussion but the part I overheard got me all puzzled.
Guy 1: He is a good guy and its all organic
Guy 2: The tomatoes are organic ( pointing at the tomatoes in vegetable section)
Guy 1: What? No, I don’t know about the tomatoes, but the conversation sure was organic.

How do you classify a conversation to be organic ? This must be a new branch added to the already existing Complications of the English Language

In our household though, we have come to believe that Organic just means expensive, I am sure we are not the only ones. Just like “Eco-friendly”, “Gluten Free”, “Free Trade”, “Fat Free”, ” Smart”, “Energy Saving” etc etc etc have also come to mean the same thing.
Which begs the question- why does being responsible come at such a high price, if you really wanted us to conserve/preserve why not make it easier, why not make it accessible, why not promote it so that normal people who are the ones driving consumption will actually switch to better products that promote sustainability.

Recently I bought a packet of gummy bear type candy, and the packet read “FAT FREE” “GLUTEN FREE” “SUGAR FREE” “CHOLESTEROL FREE”
I asked my dad ” How did they get the taste”
Dad : From Chemicals
Me ” so it’s the opposite of Organic?”
Dad: ” It is literally the opposite of Organic, monetarily its just the same, health wise, its equivalent to drinking a cup of Hydro-chloric acid
ME : Good to know.

It really is, it’s a wonder how we are being deceived with fancy new words that don’t really mean much but attract a lot of attention for the economic value they promise, not necessarily a promise that benefits us regular people but what are you going to do. It’s all in the marketability.

For now though I sit wearing my New organic Shirt, on my organic bedspread, eating a packet of free trade Chocolate along with a bowl full of 0 Calorie Licorice.
It’s all good.

Here’s to life and figuring out the meanings



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