FB spam…. Sorry I can’t be your frnd Mr 122341@facebook.com

There exists a certain place on FB where you can delight yourself with the spam messages. Its called the ” others” folder in the Messages area. Seriously you have to go see it, if you haven’t already. Its just fantabulously amazing
Its a place where people who are not your friends, can send you messages. Mostly they are messages of how people love you, how they want to sell stuff to you, or how they think you are the best thing in the world. ( I agree to that opinion)

Everyone loves Spam messages. I love spam messages, they are fascinating and amusing and you just wonder how people can construct sentences like that, its an art really.
Just an overview of the messages I have received :



No thanks sir, not if you spell Me with an extra E. It’s not that hard to type ” YOU” “YOUR” “FRIEND” “ME” and generally after a Full stop, the next immediate initial to the word is capitalized




Er you are welcome, I guess. But shouldn’t I be saying thanks. ??




Too Many questions, its like you are trying to call someone at the Information Counter at the Tourist Centre.

Hi there Mathieu.

1.Sorry Sir, Can’t help you there, although it is my suggestion that if you are indeed in the city to pursue your higher studies, you might want to dial down on the whole Partying scene.

2.Thank you for complimenting ” Indian’s enjoy, dance, some drink’s and many smiles” exactly what was this party . I can’t even.

Also want exactly is ” MBA was graduate” ???

3. Define good Address ? Address for what ? School, Homes, Police Stations??

4. Ref to my point 1, also enough with the partying dude

All the best with the partying and the Address finding Mathieu, hope Pune is good to you



While I appreciate the compliment, I do not understand why is being beautiful is more important than my academic achievement?

Just for that you won’t get my reply.

No reply

AND my favourite :



Genius… Just pure genius. You should get a job at an advertising firm, just pure genius.

Here’s to life and FB and SPAM!!






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