My TV Dreams

As a person who watches a fair amount of TV ( 2 Hours, 43 minutes & 15 seconds everyday), I do see myself as a potential TV star. Now, I am not asking for my own show, just an significant appearance in a couple of shows would be fine with me.
I mean a person can dream can’t they, this is me dreaming ( being disillusioned might be a better term to describe it… but let’s not get into that)

1. Barefoot Contessa
Yes, this is my Nos 1.
In May of this year, our family began this weird obsession with watching cooking shows on the food network. It seems, we just like to watch people cook, especially Ina Garten. It is fascinating. One of my favourite shows is Barefoot Contessa and now one of my dreams is be a guest on the show. Ofcourse Jeffrey has to be there, and Ina can introduce me with “Today my friend Sabrina is coming for lunch, and we haven’t met in forever ( which is the truth) and so I am going to cook her an amazing lunch, and as a surprise Jeffrey will also be there. Yay Jeffrey aren’t you excited that Sabrina is coming over? ” and Jeffrey will smile, and he will be happy and I’ll be super happy
CUE : Play that Pharrel song somebody
Man that would be awesome

2. Fast and Loud
I like this show, and I would just like to hang around Aaron the whole day, just follow him around..( stalker alert).
Also when Richard does that segment where he is closing the deal and he says things like “We’re looking to get USD 100000000 on this car and then he gives it up for just about 20,000 I want to be the one who gives him the most condescending look and say ” Seriously, is this how you are going to do this…? ” . After watching quite a bit of this show, I have to say I have perfected this look and its turning out to be a very useful expression of self, but these guys seem cool .. I have no problem hanging out with them.
Let’s do this guys

3. Gilmore Girls
I would do everything to get a part on this show, absolutely anything ( ok not ANYTHING, I have restrictions like Meatloaf, but you get the picture) Growing up, this was one of my favorite TV shows, I’ve watched the series, many many many times since, but I’ve not yet seen the last episode, because in my mind it hasn’t ended yet.. ok maybe it has, but I don’t want to see the ending. Anyway I would love to be a just hang out at Stars Hallow, sit with the Town Troubadour, attend a town meeting, have lunch with the girls, stay at the Dragon Fly In and attend Rory and Logans wedding, because they are the only OTP I will ever ever ever recognize
Rory and Logan Forever
Enough said.

4. Korean Dramas
Where do I even begin with this, I have tooo many dreams of being in a Kdrama, but if I only had 1 chance, I would want my role to be pivotal, ground breaking, revolutionary and short. I would want to be that one character that stops the evil Mother/Father.
I can see myself, dressed very well, with business on my mind ( sooo gangsta ) and the scene plays out and the parent is tormenting the OTP, let’s say in Boys over flowers, Go Jun Pyo and the mother are going at it and things are really bad then enter my character and all i say is GEU-MAN-HAE!! , and the camera zooms in on my grand entrance and that evil woman is overcome with terror and guilt, she runs away and everybody lives happily ever after.
That would be spectacular…. it seriously would, the thought of this happening is making me very very happy, imagine the discussions on Dramabeans and Soompi.

5. CID ( the Indian version of CSI)
My only role would be to disband the them. Nothing more to do here, that is all.
Say important things like ” We the Indian Citizens ( NRI/GEN/OBC/ST/PIO) along with the Prime Minister,have decided we cannot let you go on like this, we have suffered enough, 15 years of torture, it is time for you to go away forever, thank you and never come again ever ”
I think alot of the shows on indian television need to be served with this message, like overnight there will be great rejoicing… looking at you Balika Vadhu stop giving Indian TV a bad name.

6. The New Looney Toones Show
Not the old one, but the new one with disillusioned Daffy, reformed Bugs, Insane Lola, sophisticated Porky, Stark Mad Sam and ofcourse annoying Cecile. Is it weird that I have adjectives for each of them, ofcourse not, this is the most fun show ever… it is the only cartoon show worth watching.
I just want to be friends and bunk with Daffy and Bugs and witness their everyday lives, what a riot of fun that would be.
Such a simple dream.

I think I should go work now, but here’s to TV, and Rory and Logan Forever and ever and ever!
That’s all folks



2 thoughts on “My TV Dreams

    1. Oh yeah, she is good, I absolutely love the way she compliments herself, and her food. All the others hosts do it too, but when Ina says good stuff about her food, you cannot help but just believe it.
      Please please watch Gilmore Girls, its absolutely one of the best series ever ever made.
      Cheers 🙂

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