Accepting the #selfie enthusiasts

I admire people who have the guts to take selfies. Its takes a whole of courage to turn on your phone camera and take pictures of yourself in public place i.e.Starbucks/highways/schools/funerals/hospital wards/ outer space /operation tables/ edge of waterfalls/ top of buildings.
Its all innocent fun, but very courageous.
No danger. Just a global selfie attempt.

Now these #selfie enthusiasts ( pretty sure that’s what they are called) have extension arms, in case their real one are tooo short to capture the whole scene behind them so we get to see more of the aforementioned Starbucks/highways/schools/funerals/hospital wards/ operation tables/ outer space /edge of waterfalls/ top of buildings

But you know sometimes people with their phones stretched above their heads aren’t nessecarily taking picture, maybe they are just

1. Searching for network
2. Blocking out the sun
3. Searching for Wifi
4. Trying to read the fine print, and can’t because they have that vision problem
5. Trying to shine their light, like in a concert
6.Trying to find north
7.Maybe they are signalling to someone about where they are.
8. Renacting Simba’s birth ceremony
9. Surrendering some sort of proverbial flag
10. Or simply just admiring their phones
But sometimes I don’t know, I feel like I should embrace the change but at the same time I get sad knowing that random strangers aren’t going to ask me to take their pictures anymore and that we have been replaced by metals and extending rods.

I guess the best we can do is to live with the change…. or maybe not

Here’s to #selfieenthusiasts #butfirstletsnottakeaselfie #noglobalselfie #nohashtags #nonononono


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