When we choose to Love

Some days we are faced with tough choices, some days the only option we have is to lay our lives down for the ones we love.

Those days sound very hard and challenging, but we still do it, all because we love.

To love is to give,to give is to have an inconvenience that you don’t mind having, it is to choose another rather than yourself

It’s the father who says good-bye to the son leaving for college, when he would rather not have him leave

It’s the mother who gets up at 5 in the morning, to cook and make breakfast for her still sleeping family

It’s the brother who travels thousands of miles just to celebrate his sister’s birthday

It’s the sister that gives up her share of everything just so her brother doesn’t have to go without.

It’s the friend that stays online making sure her angry, irritated and depressed friend is comforted and happy again

It’s the husband who lets his wife travel to another country to take care of her parents

It’s the wife who leaves her childhood and her family, her friends and her life to be with her husband

Somedays it’s a compromise,  or an adjustment,  somedays its understanding and other days it’s mercy. Somedays it’s a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, a desire that you give up or an organ that you donate.

In all of this, it’s always always choosing to love.

“The strength to do things that are not in our nature …. that’s Love – Yoon Yoon Jae ( Reply 1997) ”

When we choose to love, everyone wins

So Here’s to love, in its abundance and in its importance


8 thoughts on “When we choose to Love

  1. I love how you say that when we choose love, we all win. Love, is selfless. Love, is about making sacrifices. Love, comes from within. We all have the capacity to love and if we make the effort to love, we will all live in a better place 🙂

    1. Oh absolutely, I think that is the greatest blessing we have, to love and to be loved, but there is a whole lot of sacrifice involved as well. Especially with the way the world is today, I think Love is going to be the only solution we have.
      How is your book coming along ? I am excited to hear you are writing a book, I just know its going to be wonderful

      1. Yes, love is the greatest blessing we have in this world. If only we could all see the beauty in love, the world would be a more peaceful place.

        Thanks, Sabrina. I’ve got a few stories I want to put in my book. I know what the first sentence is already. I hope it will be wonderful too 🙂

  2. I love this Sabrina! “When we choose to love, everyone wins.” 🙂

    That is so true! And hating won’t help too, so yeah! Choose LOVE, Choose to love. 🙂

    Stay blessed! ^_^

    1. Amen Gen!! oh hey that rhymes Haha, its as you say choose love and choose to love, it always comes down to making a choice, that doesn’t just benefit us, but for others as well.
      Thanks for stopping by and stay blessed too 🙂

      1. haha! I’m really inspired about this post of yours.. about choosing love 🙂 I’ll write something about it too and I’ll link this post 😀

        Thanks too! God bless Sabrina and let’s continue to spread God’s love. 😉

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