The Thing about Things ( Part Deux)

The thing about pain is that it does go away, the things that you thought would devastate you, don’t actually do

The thing about forgiveness is that sometimes it will take all of you, but with it it will take away your burden and the weight of anger and hurt too

The thing about judging people is that we should judge them for their behaviour, the things that they can change instead of the things that they have no control over

The thing about relationships is that sometimes you have to be considerate enough to not compel people to do the things that they don’t want to. Its an expression of respect for the other

The thing about people is that you can explain and justify everything and they will understand what you meant, but they may not accept what you hoped. You are free to say what you want but there is no guarantee of what they choose to do with that information

The thing about hurdles is that sometimes they are made of wood and other times they are never ending walls made of 30 feet thick solid adamantium because there are some paths we are not meant to walk upon

The thing about the Mercy of God is that sometimes he doesn’t give us what we ask for,  because what we ask for may not be as as good as what he has planned for us to have

The thing about success is that it isn’t dependent upon the kind of talent you have, it has almost everything to do with how consistent you are

The thing about blessings is that sometimes it takes the form of a sibling who can love you like no one else

And finally the thing about Life is that it is always always beautiful

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Here’s to inspiration and to Life

The Thing about Things – Part 1



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