When My Mother fought for Me

My dad lost his job when I was in the 6th Grade. It was one of the toughest years we had, financially and emotionally. It was a challenge made tougher by the fact that he no longer had a working visa and because of that he couldn’t sponsor us anymore.
In a short time, everything changed. We had to move out of our apartment and ultmiately my mother , my brother and I had to leave Dubai and go stay with our grandparents in india.
This meant leaving school midway, not that that didnt make me happy.  It really did.  Its every 6th graders dream, not to have to go to school.
Time passed and 6 months later we were still in India, with no clue about what was going to happen. Stuck in limbo, not sure whether we would ever return. I was too young and excited about the free time that I had, to consider and imagine the kind of worry that was going on.

My dad did get a new job and shortly after that we returned home. The school year was over and we had another challenge to face, because I had missed this big chunk of school, the school authorities had decided that I should repeat 6th grade.
The supervisors, headmistress and Principal all unanimously informed my parents that they couldn’t let me progress to the 7th grade, I was going to be kept back, and had to repeat the year.
I would like to say that I remember all the details of what happened during that time, but unfortunately I don’t.
What I do remember are the days my mother wasn’t at home, because she had these meetings with people at the ministry of education, meetings with people who could reverse the schools decision. As she left each morning,  I remember her telling me to study, telling me that this might be the day we get the good news.
So I did, not fully aware of what was transpiring. The good news came, the ministry would allow me to sit for exams and if I cleared them, I would be able to go the 7th grade.
She came home that day, and when she told me, I could see the effort and love in her eyes. It became my source of strength.
The truth is my mother refused to accept someone tell her kid that they cannot do something, she refused to let me believe that I was not able, she refused to let me accept that I was less than others. She fought for me, pillar to post, she fought if only to give me a chance. The chance that would change my whole life.
I studied my hardest, learning the entire years syllabus in a span of 6 days. I gave my exams and I cleared all of them with such a good performance, they found no reason to keep me back.
That year on I became a very good student, I worked hard and remained among the top 5 students in the class, ultimately coming 6th in University for my bachelors.

The reason I thought of sharing this is that this turned out to one of the most defining moments of my life, it was the moment I see the love my mother has for me. She gave me that chance and opportunity that the people would have robbed of me, she knocked on doors, wrote letters, sat in lobbies, and waited a whole lot ,with a single purpose in her mind :  to get me that opportunity
She probably doesn’t know how this has affected my life,  she probably doesn’t realize why she is such a hero in my life I hope one day to be able to show her, to let her know even if I can be a percent of the parent she is, it would be enough for me

We don’t have the ability to choose our parents, neither do they have the ability to choose us, its all a divine plan where God knows who can love us the way He intended for us to be loved,  he has purposed all things and all relationships.
I can confirm that I wasn’t raised on money and things, I was raised on the indomitable foundation of character,  hard work, respect and love.
I proudly say I stand on the shoulders of my Father, the sacrifices of my Mother and the prayers of my grandparents.
This is what raised me.

So if you have children, just know that they love you.  They are looking to you, for guidance , for strength , for affection but mostly belief, they are looking for someone to believe in them. So give them that chance and that opportunity,  give them that one shot to know that they can win, it may be small now, bit I guarantee you, it is all that they need to change their life.

Here’s to mothers and life altering moments

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