The gift giving Business

The Period April – May has always been the gift giving time in or family, most of them decided that they had to be born/wedded/baptized/communed ( sorry if that’s not a word ) and achieve various achievements during this time. I have yet to figure out why they thought this period of time was to be the one they wanted to complete all the celebrations, still no clue, still on the search for it though.
In a way we never forget the dates, but it also means we have nothing going on for the rest of the year, which is not that fun.
But not me, I am an exception to the rule, I decided very early on that I want nothing to do with having all this April – May thing and I have consciously scheduled all my achievements to happen during the other months of the year, starting with my Birth. ( I had a whole lot Divine assistance on that front)

That being said, there is a matter which must be discussed, a highly important matter : THE BUSINESS OF GIFT GIVING

Get ready for my radical realizations
Are you ready?
Please Proceed

Gift giving has been in practice for a very long time, but did you know that there exists a relation between gifts and increasing years. As per Independent and highly highly controlled research ( two “highlys”: increase the research credibility), please find below observations :-

When you are little, it is considered somewhat of an achievement to have such a thing as a birthday, so you get rewarded for your increasing years and your ability to read and write and general cuteness. So based on that, you get a ton of interesting things to pass your time, toys, pop up picture books, trains and game consoles etc etc etc

When you reach your teenage years, birthdays become less of an event, more of a people pleasing affair, depending on how rebellious you are, you may receive Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, and Perfumes and Creams ( hand/face/nose/eyes/ears/toes/nails) whatever you need it for, you will get it and a ton load of Self Help Books.
I have been helped a lot. A little too much in some cases.

And when you reach adulthood, people are bored with you now, you are no longer considered to be a person, mostly you are considered to be an object living in a house, that deserves to be surrounded by more objects belonging in a house, so you are given Show pieces, dinner sets, too many statues/Sculptures/paintings than you want, you get at least 1 candle holder every birthday, and at least one person will consider buying you perfume that you’ll never wear.

I am saying this because I am concerned, very very concerned about this whole affair. As I transition to adulthood, and my upcoming birthday ( In 25 Days) I am not looking forward to the candle holders, because
1. I have no need for candle holders
2. Please no candle holders
3. Seriously, No candle holders
4. No Candle Holders guys, think of the environment
5. C’mon!!

So for the sake of Humanity and the other industries ( besides the art and craft people and the candle holder manufacturer people ) lets be better people, lets gift responsibly and love freely.
And most importantly say no to candle holders.

Here’s to life and celebrations!



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