Lessons from Swimming

I’ve recently taking up swimming, like seriously, I cannot quite tell you how it happened, one day I was thinking about it and the next day I was in the pool.

Even though I went in channeling the oh so deep thoughts of the Olympic swimmer dudes ( Ryan Lochte Pink Speedo guy) , for the first couple of weeks, even floating was an issue. Then came the over dependence on a certain flotation device known as the kickboard which, I clung to, like an overly possessive SO ( because my life sort of did depend on it ), It took a strangers dare and force to get me off of it ( that stranger is now a very good friend and a lane buddy) and now I swim in the fast lane , with the big boys.. the fast and handsome ones..( which always helps, coupled with a life-size image of Ryan Lochte covering one of the sides of the pool wall, so my inspiration doesn’t run out)

When I first paid for the classes, there was a whole of skepticism, that I wouldn’t follow through, ( not without reason, I have a solid record of giving up on all forms of exercise ), everyone thought this is money that’s now gone to waste, that I would barely make it to the second class before giving up. All of this could have been true except the only thing running in my mind was Do what you say you are going to do ( it was such a life coach moment).
I decided that if i had to convince with words, it wasn’t going to work out at all, so I just show up and completed what I started. That was my motivation, until that reason became a habit, and that habit became a lifestyle and that lifestyle revealed to me, my greatest strength : Determination

I have always loved the idea of being able to swim, now I love the fact that I can and also because there is something exhilarating about being able to master a skill, to watch progress, to draw strength from a place you never knew had that much of strength and to becoming your own person.

I like it, because swimming demands every part of your being, you heart and your soul, your dignity and your entire physical self, there isn’t space for thinking, it’s a place of doing, there isn’t space of taking breaks, you can’t just give up midway, your heart and soul pushes you to reach that wall, and its your mind that’s being conditioned to take over all of your muscles to keep going. I am amazed at what my body can do, if I only let it.

I go to the pool expectant and get out exhausted and proud, I come home, with wet hair and sore muscles that remain sore till the next day, and then I do it all again. I suppose you could call this love, or passion or just being blessed to be able to do something you heart desires.

So these are my lessons that I have learnt:
1. Don’t wait to convince the world with your words, find that thing that you want to do, and do with it, the world will be stand beside you
2. Do what you said you were going to do, show up and complete what you started
3. The race isn’t against the person in the next lane, its between you, your heart, your body and your mind, once you master this, you have won
4. There are people better than you, who are more skilled than you, that doesn’t reduce the value of your ability, it just shows you how far you can go
5. Have fun, make friends, and let it all reveal your innermost character


So find something you love and go do it, don’t wait for the permission or the approval, if it’s important to you, and you stick to it, the world will back you up on your conviction

Here’s to life, swimming and the ever so inspirational Ryan!



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