25 lessons from 25 years

25 things I’ve learnt from my parents 25th wedding anniversary

1. Family is the most important thing there is
2. Love is taking care of each other
3. It’s a lot of long drives and loud music
4. It’s a lot of sacrifice and selflessness
5. It’s alot of sharing and understanding
6. It’s about being sorry, not just saying it
7. It’s about being angry, then calming down and going back to loving each other again
8. It’s about doing the small things for each other
9. It’s about supporting each other at the cost of yourself
10. It’s about praying for each other and the home you’ve created
11. It’s about a lot of laughter and seeing the funny side of things
12. It’s about bringing the best out of each other
13. It’s about letting each other chase thier dreams and fulfilling their desires
14. It’s about meals at the table
15. It’s about loving the same things
17. It’s about standing beside each other and not one in front of the other
18. It’s about saying NO even when you don’t feel like
19. It’s about being grateful
20. It’s about secret lookd and glances that only you understand
21. It’s about loving each other through all the situations in your life
22. It’s about raising children the way God intended it
23. It’s about not being too serious
24. It’s about time and not rushing, but trusting in its course and believing in God’s Plan
25. It’s all about love

Its always going to be about the love
Here’s to celebrations and achievements


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