I cannot help wondering where I would be without my family.
Sometimes I am overwhelmed with love for them and at other times I wish I could run away, either way I love the bonds that hold us, one that go beyond our shared surnames, grandparents and genes. We are a strange bunch, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and the Dogs.
We are not exactly perfect, nor are we all ideal, we are just people, who God decided should be together, without this association that He created, we probably would all be strangers.
We don’t always love each other when we should, sometimes we get mean and rude, sometimes we are competitive, sometimes we show off, and keep secrets, and then there are other times when we sit round a table and share a meal, where we are happy for each other, where we care for each other, where we take care of each others children, where we have the opportunity to serve each other. It is a place where we make fun of each other, we play together, watch TV together and just have a good time.
We grow up among these people, they’ve seen our good and not so good parts, they know our faults and they tolerate our quirks, but they love us all the time

Being Photographed by the Guys... all pose in random directions Goa, S95,2012 192

Somewhere along the way, we chase this idea of perfection. An ideal family, what we think people should be, but it never works out that way, somehow I think the definition of ” perfection” differs for each person. It can’t all be the same, we are perfect in our own way, but we are seduced to compare our perfectness with someone else’s and in that we find our differences, differences that we convince ourselves to imperfections, a fault in our lives.
Once you see that, nothing on earth can convince you are blessed beyond measure, for the storm we create is greater than the grace that you see.
I love my family, the way they are, the aunt who loves deserts as much as I do, the uncle who always dances with me, the Aunt that lets me which store has a sale going on, and the Uncle who worries about my finances and my young cousins who keep active with their constant need to do activities. We don’t come custom-built for each other, we come as we are, bound by divine destiny, for the sole reason and purpose of loving each other, and in that we are blessed

Here’s family and a good afternoon lunch of pizza and wine and a whole lot of laughter


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