The Thing about things

The thing about freedom is that everyone wants it, but not everyone knows what to do with it

The thing about courage is that it grows as you grow. The things that scare the living daylights out of you at a certain age, don’t have the same effect when you grow older
Except spiders, snakes,and  math of course.

The thing about starting something new, is that you’re going to suck at it at the beginning, it’s going to be terrible, but that’s why it’s called the first attempt, it only just gets better if you keep at it

The thing about time, is that time passes, the good times pass, and the hard times also pass and what remains is the lesson

The thing about your life’s purpose is that sometimes its pretty challenging to figure out, and sometimes its the most natural reason of your existence

The thing about passion, is that sometimes its hard to explain yourself, and sometimes you question yourself as people question you, but 10,000 reasons cannot deter you from doing that one thing you were put on earth to do, no matter how many times you leave, your soul will redirect you to the place you were meant to be

The thing about love is that you’re always wondering if you’ve been able to convey the depth and height, the width and length, the intensity and the extent of your affection to the people you love.

The thing about the unforgettable  conversations of your life is the reaction that you got to the first sentence that was said, the spark at the start, that lit the fire for the rest of the exchange

The thing about sisterhood is that, the funny things that happen to you are 100 times more funnier and the problems or challenges are 1000 times more funnier than the funniest thing that ever happened to you.

The thing about being alone is that it is not the same as being lonely, sometimes being on your own is the most amazing thing that can happen

The thing about living your life in surrender to God,  is that you never have to worry about having to carry a burden that’s bigger/stronger/heavier than the grace He gives

The thing about music, is that it’s always going to be more than just the beat or the bass, it’s going to the words that describe your life and the moments you live in

And lastly
The thing about red converses is that, nothing can make you feel more badass or more adventurous than a pair of those fiery red converses

Here’s to Kristian Stanfill, long drives and the thing about things


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