A Rainy Day In Dubai

The weather’s been playing a lot with us lately. We never know what it’s going to be like, we’ve had extreme heat and now we are unexpected rain. We’re always happy when it rains, and thankfully the we’re going to get a lot of it in the coming week.
Since it is our weekend, it’s especially nice to have it rain today, so that we can enjoy it, just being lazy, wrapped up, eating and drinking Hot Choco

Everything comes to life when it rains, the birds sing sweeter, and the leaves are greener, there is a beautiful fragrance in the air, If I could wish for something more it would be wet in the rain and sail paper boats with the brother, even at 23, we can have such simple desires. Of all the times, I miss him the most today, I haven’t seen him in over 4 months now, and I miss him dearly, but hopefully when his semester ends, He’ll be back home for the holidays.

But for now I have to make do with what I have, so maybe I will just watch some TV, read a book and have an afternoon nap.

Here’s to just another day, and some very special memories


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