Public Bathroom Signage

I saw this in the Metro bathroom today


Here are my questions :

1. How many people carry syringes in public transport? The fact that I have to ask this question concerns me
2. How many people think its ok to flush it down a toilet?
3 . How many syringes did they find to have to put up such a specific sign?

Such wow. much wonder.. so doge..
Here’s to seriously weird signs.



2 thoughts on “Public Bathroom Signage

  1. Disposable insulin syringes. That makes that sign make sense. Toilet signages do make u wonder 🙂
    The best I’ve seen is ‘Do not stand on Toilet-seat.’ I know for a fact that this happens. I’ve seen footprints. Can you imagine the balancing required? And the sad fate if balancer falls and blacks-out pants down and all?

    1. Hahaha.. I hadn’t thought of that, now that you mention it though, the possibilities are endless, the workability is just insane, but its amusing to know that people need signs to tell them what they are allowed and not allowed to do, and yet with all the signs, you still have people defying all laws of common sense.. its a hilarious world..

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