Being Chat Dumped.. Yeah its a thing

I got chat dumped last weekend, ( Yea, that’s a thing now).
A Chat dump is a situation wherein one person blocks and never ever talks to you again because you fail to answer/respond/reply/revert back to their endless and pointless conversations.
Obviously there are reasons why this happened, much had to do with my not answering/responding/replying/reverting and enthusiastically participating in said conversation.
Told you it’s a thing.

I have to say though, I am not the best when it comes to chatting, if the conversation drags, or gets to interrogative, manipulative or uninteresting, it doesn’t take me time to shut it down. Chatting is very much a part of my life, but I realized it’s not the only thing in my life. I cannot be that dependent on something like this.
I cannot just spend all of my time behind a screen, talking and talking and talking.

I may come across as selfish and callous, but sometimes you have to be those things, you have to be cautious about your time, your energy, it has to count for something, the people you talk to, they have to be positively impacted, and you owe it yourself to be positively impacted, otherwise what good does it do, what other reason do you have to invest all of yourself in something that is not going to lead anywhere, that is not going to benefit anyone.

Obviously this has angered people, lots of fights, some heartbreak and now a straight on dumping.
I do feel bad about it, to an extent there are some hurt feelings and some strong dislike, but there is only so much that I could take.
I feel like Taylor Swift now, pouring my heart out in public like this.

I love how connected we are, it’s so easy to be able to talk to somebody, irrespective of distance or time or place. In many ways, being on messengers is awesome, you stay connected to the people in your life. But I have found out that in some instances and for some people, it is a medium of pointless talking and general wastage of time.

Words and time don’t mean anything anymore, because it has become quantity over quality.

There is no mystery, there is no intrigue, there is nothing exciting in it anymore, and for that reason I am wary.I miss that time, when you had to meet people, and you had to say whatever you wanted to within a specific time frame, and you didn’t waste it, every word was precious and carefully said.
Now we can say whatever we like, whenever we like.
In some ways we have forgotten to value what we say, we have forgotten purpose and meaning and intention, saying things without thinking is taken to a whole new level.

Sometimes you cannot please everyone, no matter how much you try, and there are others, who are not looking to be pleased, they enjoy you as you do them, it’s a conversation where even silence and distance can so profound and heartwarming, it becomes less about the words and more about the people.

It’s alright I guess, there are some people who are worth it, and some people you just have to let them walkout. it’s not a rejection, just a simple redirection

Here’s to words and lessons and some wisdom


2 thoughts on “Being Chat Dumped.. Yeah its a thing

  1. Sorry to hear that you were chat dumped. This has never happened to me, but it doesn’t sound nice at all. You’re right in saying that chatting is every part of life, being in front of a computer or face-to-face in person. We’re all social creatures in some way and we all learn from one another at the end of the day. It definitely doesn’t sound like you meant to offend the person who chat dumped you. It’s hard to reply to all messages sometimes as we all have our own busy lives and problems to deal with. Hope you guys work things out 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel, that’s the exact same reason I wrote the post, sometimes its really challenging to reply to all the messages you receive, and we may come across as callous, but it is what it is, in the end sometimes you have to believe people are doing the best that they can.. 🙂

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