Maybe its Companionship

Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t , but its always be there.
The thing about it is, that we are constant need of it, we chase it and fight for it.
Its what makes the world go around, its what we are made of and what we pass on.

Its our Nature.

Its when your dad Lifts you, teaches you and shows you the whole world right before your eyes.

Its getting in with your sister, when she’s upto something.
You may not know what, but you just want to be there, and be a part of whatever she does, and it only gets better, when she allows you to be there

Its when you want to discover your world and someone stands beside you, watching as your eyes behold wonder and some craziness

Its when you fall, and you get hurt, someone holds you up again and you can forget the hard times and smile again.

fujairah 145

And then its when you are grown up,  just walking along the beach, with your mother, listening to her, reliving her years, and taking the time to listen to yours

uaq 210

Its who we are, the people that we meet, the people we belong to, and the people that belong to us.
Companionship : Its the other name for Love.

Here’s to the people around us



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