She longs for the worn out cobblestones and winding open roads
For stories and lights of unfamiliar homes
For a hearth and a warming red fire
For an open night sky to let her soul wander

She misses the places she hasn’t yet seen
She longs for the people she is still to meet.
She waits for the gates to open wide
To go running unreturning into time

For now she stands by the window
Waiting for the path to unveil before her
She waits for the signal and the sign
Even as her heart impatiently keeps time

That day will surely come
Wanderlust catch up to her
The earth and the hills will sound
With the joy of her unending laughter
For that’s her desire, and the answer
Her hope and the dream of the imagination that wanders.

She will leave and run free
Into the green and into the open sea
Happy just to be, grateful just to breathe
Awed with her life,  and amazed with the Journey




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