My Window Sill just got prettier

Every passing day I am shifting into “Domesticated Mode”, that is the only reason I keep wanting to grow stuff, do DIY, and Arts and crafts. It’s not that bad, for a person who never cared about such things this sudden change in my interests is interesting.
It’s all part of the growing up process.

I wanted to try my hand at growing plants, and i have failed miserably, all the times I tried. I wish I could say I was Martha Stewart kind of successful, but the truth is I really sucked at it. B
It was a combination of my impatience and our apartment settings that have always supported the untimely death of the plants. My sincere Apologies to those plants who had the misfortune of coming across my way.

But I am persistent, especially when I cannot figure out why it won’t work, I will keep at it, till something happens.
But all those failures are behind me now, I am a changed person, a more considerate person and maybe someone who can take care of a growing organism.

Happily Growing on my window sill, in a cheese Spread bottle ( Sorry) is Ipomoea batatas
It makes me so happy to know and see my Ipomoea ( that’s what I nicknamed it) and look how beautiful it is.

Hopefully Ipomoea will keep growing, and my window sill will keep getting greener and greener and who knows there will be more plants to keep it company.

Here’s to the small things and to my Ipomoea



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