Zero To Hero : What’s on my mind – Why I blog

This is a hard one.

I wish I could tell you that I was inspired to start a blog, that one day a light bulb appeared above my head that said you have to blog about this.
But sadly no, that was not the case.

I knew a couple of people of were blogging, and the only thing I ever heard from them was how hard and challenging it was to write.
That was when I decided that this was not for me.
And see where that got me.

I’ve always had this dream about being a writer,  there is something so enchanting about being a writer, about being able to transport people into your imagination, but it takes a whole lot of commitment and I am still working on that. I’ve always had things to say only lacked the medium, until someone said you should try it.
And so I did.

It’s easy to start,  the hard part is continuing the journey from there.

What do you write about?
Who do you write for?
What’s acceptable?  What’s not acceptable?
And the eternal question, Why can’t you just talk to other people instead of being publishing your whole life on the Internet. ( THE Internet)

I didn’t know, and I guess that was the best place to start. I used to think we blog for others, to teach others, to show others, but I think we do it for ourselves.
The audience will  always be the one who writes.
So I write for me, about the things I care about, the things I am amazed at, the things that make me laugh, the life I love and sometimes the worries I have. It’s not ground breaking, revolutionizing type of stuff, but for this introverted blogger, its hearing her own voice, reading her thoughts in black and white and being content that she is not the only weird one.

Its been two years now being here, the reasons this blog is here will keep varying, my theories and ideas, opinions and thoughts will keep changing. The themes will change,  the style might change, but my journey is all documented.

It still amazes me how far I’ve come, and I am excited about how far I can go.

Crazy things on my mind this year :

Is it hard? Yes, because you have to dig deep, you have to bare your soul, knowing that people might not like it, but there’s also that chance that they might and they will relate to you and in that you have found a companion.

Is it worth it ? Always

Relatable facts about blogging :

1. You are always writing or thinking about what to write
2. At any given time there will be 5 or more incomplete drafts that you have no idea how to complete (sigh)
3. You are always shopping for themes and how to change the way your blog looks ( bigger sigh)
4.You have no idea how to respond to comments ( I can’t even.. )
5. You hope and pray not to get negative comments
6. You sometimes obsess about stats ( sometimes may sometimes be an understatement)
7. You get terribly sad when someone un-follows you.
8. When something happens in your life,  you most immediate reaction is “This shall be blogged about”
9. Spam messages will always be interesting
10. You love the blogging community,  and even if it takes every inch of you to type that one word, it gives you tremendous joy and you can’t help but be proud of what you have accomplished.

So be proud of yourself , and keep going.  It all adds up and one day when you look back you will see the beautiful and blessed life you lived.

Day 3 Challenge : What’s on your mind . A lot actually.
Challenge completed.

Here’s to a really long post and hoping the next challenge gets easier.



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