Zero to Hero : Saying Hi

So begins 1 month continous blogging. Inner voice : You can do this. I am a little late for this challenge (6 days late unfact) but I am going to give it my best shot, and even if it takes me all eternity I am going to finish it. ( that’s the Spirit) So Hi there, welcome to the new year.

I am Sabrina, and I have no idea how to introduce myself. But I am going to try.

I live in Dubai ( yes its great for shopping, bad for the traffic) . I’ve lived here almost 17 years. ( I feel old now). I work in logistics which is moving stuff around from one country to another. It’s a lot of fun when you do it right, its terrible when you get it wrong. This year I will be 24 years, that’s 24 trips around the sun, pretty amazing achievement.  In those blessed 23-not-yet-24  years I’ve learned quite a few things, for eg: God is Kind, the Looney Toons show is the best thing on TV, High Speed Internet is awesome,  life is a great big adventure, sometimes  I am funny, family is love, home is where family is and money will never come close to bringing you happiness.

This year I am challenging myself to be a better photo-take-outer, moving into manual mode. I am going to get 1 of those shirts that say something really audacious like ” I shoot in Raw” , ” Canon rules”, ” Bokeh baby” but the truth is I dont know what I am doing, but I’ll get there. That’s why its such a challenge. ( sigh) This year I hope to be more regular at blogging,  to be more honest, and open. I hope to have a better year than the last, to learn some more, to make some people smile, and to keep growing in love with this life I’ve been blessed with And most of all I wish you the same


image So

Here’s to another great year, this new challenge and taking better pictures( not including selfies) … image

2 thoughts on “Zero to Hero : Saying Hi

    1. Return High Five.. hahaha, :D, its as though 24 is the age you break a couple of barriers, and so much is going to change… its a BIG nos. trying to put it off as much as i can…
      thanks for stopping by

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