Life is stubborn

But in a good way. It just finds its way. We are all born with this nessecity to live,  to hope and to want.
These are all lessons I learnt from a sweet potato
That’s deep.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a sweet potato. Just one. Its not weird or anything
I was planning on planting it.
Ambitious I know.  After the utter failure in growing  periwinkle, bean plant and some other green plant I can’t remember the name of, I decided this would be my last attempt. The final try before I just hang it all and give up.
So I did what any good person would do. I forgot all about it.
For 6+ weeks the sweet potato lay in a plastic bag, somewhere in my room, forgotten, and abandoned.

Until today.
The day of my epiphany.

Cleaning my room, I found it  and surprise hit me. It had sprouted,  leaves and shoots,  all growing towards the direction of light. 

No water.  No soil. Not much air. Nothing much.  But it still grew.  Unbelievable.

Life found a way even if there wasn’t any. I shouldn’t be this amazed by a sweet potato but I am. Completely and utterly amazed.



We have hard days and we have hard times but we still look for the light, we still lean towards the light, any thing, any sign, any hope of relief. We are all made that way.
We endure and look for the break of a new day, the rise of another morning.
Its enough to fill you with awe. 

There may be many difficult things happening in the world,  some more complex than the other, but life will find a way, it will always win

So here’s to life and sweet potatoes

P.S. no sweet potatoes were harmed in this lesson. Unfortunately the periwinkle didn’t survive but the potato has been relocated to a much better pot.


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