So you’re going to a party? I also like to live dangerously

When you have a big event coming up, it pays to be prepared, well in advance.

This is what I tell myself every time. This is also the same thing I tell myself, I will follow the next time something important happens.

Being a girl the outfit is generally is never the thing of debate. We just know what we are going to wear. If we dont have anything to wear,  we will make arrangements, beg, borrow or shop, ( not like that Chinese Guys Girlfriend though), but we almost always have that part  figured out.

The complexity of getting ready for something generally comes after that. Hair, make up, shoes.
Couple of impossible things:


I love this.  My favourite, my hair is always full of  surprises . On days that I  am at home it looks like a you have a personal stylist or something,  the day you need it to behave it goes into a state of rebellion.  Not even heat, Hair spray,  Ironing , Brazilian treatment is going to tame it. You seriously consider going bald at this point. 

Applying nail polish.

Easy right ? This is the simplest thing. but try doing it for some big party and your screwed. You need to be a engineer to get it right. Your nails decide to be extra annoying and suddenly you lose all hand to head coordination. What began as an attempt now looks like a war zone. Sigh

Make up
So many things to consider,  eyes, face, cheek, eye lids,  lips. Oh nooooo..

Start with eye shadow

Right eye, that’s it, that’s just about all the eye shadow you are going to need. Lets try to replicate the same on your left eye… are you kidding me? Its never going to happen. Now you go from right to left, and from left to right, until you over it so much your eyes are begging for mercy.

So we move to the next : eye liner. 
Eye liner makes everything look better. You are happy.
You’ve done this before. What could possibly fo wrong.
Again as with the eye shadow  you move from right eye to left eye. Matching each one with the other. Until you’ve got panda eyes.
Happened way to many times

Next up panda eyes needs cheeks to match. So you get your compact powder and get working. You dust yourself,  not at all paying attention,  till you look like an albino.  Now you are a real panda.

Don’t worry this is not even your final form.

So you wipe it off, and as you do that, your eyeliner rubs off all over your face, your eye shadow gets messed up, you look and you give up on everything, looking like a 5 year old girl who just experimented with her mother’s vanity set,   you just want to cry.  Someone is yelling about the time,  some other person is calling you on the phone, there are a million messages asking you where you are and you just look at the crazy person in the mirror and you begin to question everything.

Don’t worry we’ve all been there. So you start again, until you get it right, until all your will and energy is exhausted, and after you do,  you look more than beautiful. 

Some time its really hard being a woman, it takes a whole lot of effort,  imagination and courage. But we do get it right.
So to all the women, keep going, it only matters if you keep trying, but just know that you are  beautiful no matter what.
Here’s to all of us



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