Just a Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog

I love this picture because its not just an image, its a moment. Just a boy and his Dog. My brother and his sweetheart Toby. Together they are the most annoying and comical pair, yet highly possesive and protective of each other.

Many things will change in this world, the boy will grow up and the Dog will grow old, but there will always be that relationship. A companionship. A friendship. A selfless reliance immersed with sheer joy. This moment.

For the dog who waits for his owner to wake up and pet him and the for the boy who can’t wait to get home from college everyday just so he can have moments like these.

Sometimes the world is complicated and harsh and hard on you, sometimes its as easy as someone wagging his tail waiting to comfort you and to be comforted by you.

Thank God for moments like these, for they save you and keep you sane.
Here’s to the little but the most important things of life.



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