She will do it all over again

Its 10 in the night and everyone has already fallen asleep. She stands, her back aching, her hands numb from cold running water, too little time, too many dishes to be washed.
Her mind calculating the million other things yet to be done. Her body is giving way, yet she pushes it. She has to keep going. 
Sleep will wait.
Its not yet time for rest

She takes in the silence and thanks God for her family, and for their safety. 

She thinks of the days events, there are a million worries on her mind, but there are greater number of things to be grateful for.

She cleans the kitchen, its sparkling now. She moves to put the wet clothes to dry, trying very hard not to make a sound, not wanting to disturb anyone else.
She moves around her home, putting things in order, the soles of her feet now feeling the pressure too.

But she carries on. She has to.
Its almost 11 now.
She turns to ironing the clothes for tomorrow,  her mind running over the many things that need to be done.

She finishes, and falls to her knees, to pray, to talk to the on who breathed her to life.
She thanks him, and tells him how her day was.  She asks for forgiveness for the times she missed the way. She prays for the world around her. Her ailing father, her son who is studying,  her daughter and her husband.  She prays for her family and the sick around the world. She thanks him for the nights rest and says she’s looking forward to the day that is to come. She lays bare her heart to her maker,  and therin she find relief.
She bids him goodnight and makes her way to her bed.
Its 12
She sets the alarm for 6, her phone says 6 hours to sleep. She smiles. She takes what she gets

Tomorrow is a whole new day, a whole new set of challenges, she will get back up and do it all over again.

Here’s to you and me and every woman in this world.  Thank you for being who you are



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