How Technology betrayed me

Let it never be said that I don’t love my Father, because I do. He’s cool, and we get along really well, but ever since my mother went to take care my grandparents,  things are shifting.


He used to be polite and considerate, we had this mutual understanding,  mutual sharing of the remote control, and the tv, because that’s the only thing worth sharing, until he figured out how to watch youtube on it.

Everything changed.

Never has betrayal hurt so much.

I generally love all this tech stuff, but in this case its really working against me.
*turn the other way, cry*


The thing about youtube is that they have this ridiculous system of suggesting more stuff for you to watch.

I’ve never had a problem with that before,  but when it allows you to build a playlist of one Tom and Jerry Cartoon after the other,  followed by Looney Toons, Pluto, chip and Dale its not that funny, especially when you are forced to watch endless cartoons of the same thing set in different situations.

Somebody make it stop. Please..

There is only so much of Tom and Jerry I can watch. This mutual agreement has turned to a dictatorship.

I miss real TV.


I haven’t seen a tv human face in such a long time.

This is why piracy exists.

I am thankful that he doesn’t like Oggy and cockroaches or courage the cowardly Dog, those horrible choices belong to my brother alone.

I am beginning to realize my family is slightly crazy

This is a fight I won’t win, I know it. I’ll probably read a book or something or maybe just cry. Yes crying sounds like the better option




That’s all folks
Here’s to the injustice being done to nice and decent offspring by their unreasonable fathers



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