Kdrama: Heirs and falling in love with it.

And kdrama and I have reconciled. Spread the word ( no not really, that’s me on a kdrama high )
But seriously is it just me or  the dramas this year were just Meh, or maybe I watched too many good ones last year .
I cannot make out

But in good news. I have returned along with serious drama addiction.

Only because of Lee Min Ho.

I finally can tell you what weekends are for : Heirs. On repeat. All the time. 
First thoughts.
High school. Lee Min Ho. Love triangle.Kim Woo Bin ( oh my goodness…). BOF. PSH and more of Lee Min Ho ( can you blame me)


I don’t know why I am so fascinated with high school dramas or the candy in a love triangle plot. Its inexplicable.

But this drama is nice, its got that vibe, its kind of cool, its easy to watch but also very complicated. I am not sure I’ll be able to remember names and the exact correlation with each charecter.
So many layers, so many people, hierarchy, so many connections and back stories, intersections and relations. Its mind blowing.
I never knew rich people had these kinds of problems.

Its insane.

All I know is with LMH there will be a lot of those intense soul stirring stares and looks. A whole lot of heartbreak and saddness and hopefully a happy ending.
I am expecting them feels


With Woo Bin, not everyone supports him, he is the bad boy and a bully and sometimes you just hope he makes better choices, and when you don’t you hope for redemption for this character. 
I would love to see that.


And knowing Park Shin Hye there are going to be serious tears. She can just cry and cry and she might not even need a reason to. Its amazing


I can’t wait to see how this story progresses, but I kinda know its going to be good.

Only thing left to do now is change phone wallpaper and fb cover photo  to drama poster, quote dialogues incessantly, read every episode recap, listen to the ost ( over and over again), expect some serious withdrawal feelings ( I think I am already there)  and build that serious shopping list :
1. Buy a dreamcatcher
2. Buy wayfarers
3. Buy Maserati ( maybe not now )
Product placement sucks.. especially in my case.

I am excited
Here’s to Heirs, kdrama and not to forget the tagline : the one who wears the crown bears the crown


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