Friendship in Indian Terms

One of my best friends sent me this message. I loved it because I have lived through all of these instances.
Its in hindi. I wish I could translate this, but if I did the emotion and the energy will be lost.


Dosto se problem share karna accha hai
Isliye nahi ki vo use solve ker dete hai per sale aise -aise solution dete hai ki hum problem hi bhool jate hai

Friendship is not about “Sorry”
Its about “Sari galti teri thi”

Friendship is not about “Thank You”
Its about “Koi ehsaan nahi kiya mujpe”

Friendship is not about “I miss you”
Its about ” Kahan mar gaye they itne din”

Friendship is not about ” I understand”
Its about “hamesha main hi kyun samjhoon”

Its not about ” I am happy for your success”
Its about “Chal beta treat de”

Its not about ” are you coming to see us tomorrow? ”
Its about nautanki band kar , chup chap chal mere sath”


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