A friendship that grew me

We fell in love over Jimmy Newtron and Rafael Nadal.  She is the Carl to my Sheen. The Amy Poehler to my Tina Fey. The Marlin to my Dory.
We are lama touchers, reef surfers, movie watchers, imagination stretchers and a 2 man comic show.

There is that one person, who is your kind of crazy. The one that you get soooo stupid and silly with there is no explaining it. There is no end to the conversation. 


For me it started 8 years ago. Love is for the person as it is for the relationship. I love a love and a friendship that’s secure, that is safe, and is free. I am blessed to have had more than my share of secure, unbreakable friendships that transcend time, situation,distance, space.
This year Carl got married. She is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. She is also the silliest most funniest bride I have ever seen. Sitting next to her husband both of us look at the handsome men walking past.

I said dude you’re not supposed to be looking at other guys
She looks at me with that spark in her eyes that I love so much and replies. I can look, but I dont have to act on it.
I laugh.
I ask her what it is to be married
She replies ” I have a boy who I can talk to without my parents having a problem about”
I tell her ” Uzma there is a boy next to you”
And she smiles and I cry a little inside. Its that moment when joy explodes in your heart that you can only cry. 
She tells me I should get my own boy. I tell her you give me a review on marriage then I will decide.

To my kind of Crazy,

I love you. Thank you got being insane and silly and stupid with me. Thank you for loving me. And for tolerating me.
Just keep swimming. We’re on a Diet.
As if..
Nemo was in  P. Sherman, 42 wallaby way, syndney. And we can speak whale and fish are friends not food.


We have touched lamas and we totally used to love Shia Lebouf.
You have the most beautiful and playful soul. You are naughty, and opiniated,  stubborn and one of the best friends I have.  As you begin a new life, I’ve seen you go from fear to acceptance to incredible happiness. I wish it continues. That hope that I see in your eyes I pray for it to remain protected and kept strong. You brought tremendous joy to my life.
We will always love Prince Harry and Orlando Bloom. We will be crazy about Harry Potter and  I will always wonder why you love Shrek, you will always wonder why I am so silly.
I hope the stars shine upon you and the sun follow you like a stalker. May you have all the joy and happiness in the world.

All my love.
Your kind of crazy
Here’s to you  and this conversation that will never end.


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