Relatives giving me money : System failure

I am beginning to doubt the intentions and usefullness of my relatives. My aunts and uncles and other such people.

Simply because there is alot of biased wealth distribution going on and none of that is headed towards me.

Family is family, and the general rule (unwritten .. but a very important rule nonetheless) is that when there is an age gap of more than 15 years and a income gap of more than 10,000 units of currency ( for the purpose of this discussion hopefully thats in Euros .Also I don’t know the exact income so I am just going to assume that’s the income)  … the rule is that income flow should happen from a person who is a senior both in age and in income earnings to a person who is not in that category… namely me.

Also such income distribution should happen at regular intervals with gradual increment in the amount with every subsequent payout amd should be in Euro or Saudi Riyals  (that sentence construction just proves how I am going to rock at economics and my outstanding talents at assuming things)

My brother has more money than i do, from such ridiculous and illogical relatives while I get nothing.
Thank goodness I have a Job.


It might seem like I am hoping for free money, but judge not by looks alone. I have been a contributing and significant part of this family,  I haven’t done anything to embarrass them or harm their reputation. The way I see it, I am pretty decent, and understanding,  respectful and quite inspirational to my cousins and for that I must be rewarded.

Sadly nobody agrees with me on that.

My dear Father cared to comment on the situation saying ” you should think about giving and not about recieving”
Yeah right
*me look the other way and cry*

It seems this situation is not going to change in my favour, I may have to let this one go. Relatives are really not what they used to be.
I must go now, and find comfort in ice cream

Here’s to families


Note to self: Find better relatives

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