A letter from my 20 year old self to me now

Dear You,

There are too many things to smile about. There will be many more reasons,  keep practicing, keep smiling.

Although your hair issues have yet to be solved,  you found a shampoo that makes it slightly more bearable, so that’s good news.

The next 2 years are going to be intense, and you will be tested on a whole new level. There will be times you will give up and there will be times that you will hold feet firmly to the ground.

You will have to leave your friends and  You will go through a separation phase, and loose all sense of familiarity,  everything will take on a whole new meaning. 
First love, the one that you thought you couldnt live without, you will have to. As hard as hell, and painful, almost to the point of physical injury and heartache, you always wanted to know what that would feel like, you will live through that.  You will make it through.

You will grow your thick skin, you will get stronger than you could ever, more than you imagine yourself to be.

You will meet different people,  some right and some others wrong, but all to teach you something.


There will be times you will  tested, your loyalty, your love, your patience, your decency, your self, there will be times that you will uphold and treat people with utmost love, and then there will be times when you will not be able to live upto that, when you will know what regret, when your the people you want to help are harmed instead.
Don’t worry,  keep going

You will find an unusual but nessecary friendship with your mother. She loves you and she will hold you and wipe your tears, she will fight for you and tell you dirty jokes. She will spam you, and send you stupid chain messages, but don’t mind them, read them and smile because the smallest things remind her of you.
Its good to be remembered. 
It’s good to be loved.

She still doesn’t approve of what you wear or the music you listen to, but that’s just how intense her love is. And its a damn good friendship. 

Don’t worry about approval, turns out you don’t need it as much as you think now. Your choices in music, books, words, your writing, your guitar playing,  your photography, the things you feel you need permission and a stamp of approval, you will learn that you only need 1 approval, and that’s your own.
The approval you want, you will not get it, and even of you do it won’t make any difference, you will still be okay.

Love your ability to communicate through all these mediums, its there for a reason, you are able to do all of this for a reaon, keep discovering it.

You will always have reasons to be happy, and to smile.  Don’t be to upset, pray for your grandad, and grandmom, pray and be thankful for your insane brother, learn how to cook, and keep hope burning strong within you.


You are going to be alright


PS. : Agent Coulson lives  and you still love Taylor Swift
PPS : You get to meet the mother in How I Met Your Mother
PPPS:  You still love Pune with all your heart.


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