Defending my Childhood

Kids are not what they used to be, I know I was a kid once and I know with all certainty that I wasn’t anything like the kids now.
But maybe they are not allowed to.
There was a time when childhood was defending and guarded, where growing up wasn’t the focus,  being a child, and playing with mud and dirt was. I thank God I grew up in that time.

My parents always held a firm rein on me, internet, tv were restricted, books amd music were always always available, reading that at times had to  done under the covers, while waiting for the bus, in school corridors, and while travelling on the bus.

That’s all we did, and sometimes I did wish for more, I wished to be able to watch more TV, go out more, spend a whole lot of money, but I never did get it. I did resent it, I didn’t understand why I had to live like that, and it was only in the last few weeks I have begun to   understand why.

Spending time with my young cousins has showed me, what a difficult world they live in.
They are pushed into a world that is forcing them to be adults even before they have had a chance to know what childhood is. The subjects the study, they tv programmes they are made to watch, the games they play or don’t have a chance to play, not one lets them be.

I truly feel bad, it troubles me. When they have to watch what they eat, so that they don’t fail the weekly medical test it troubles me, when their 10 year old minds are forced to know what physical relations are, it troubles me, when they are required to leave trampolines and sit infront of a tab, playing video games, it troubles me.
When their time is fully occupied with activities, that they have no time to read, no time to imagine, no time to play with mud and dirt, no time to get themselves dirty, it troubles me.

Doesn’t it trouble you? 

I remember growing up, my curious mind, and the endless questions I had, my parents never denied me the answers, but they never answered me completely, giving me the option of coming to the truth when I was ready to process it. I got time. They let me grow up, gradually,  one day at a time.


That I believe is the gift my parents gave me, a childhood that no one can take away.

I never had any classes or courses, they let me discover my talents on my own. They figured if I really loved doing something, nothing would stop me from doing it.

In having nothing, I got everything.

I was raised by Character and hard work.


It took me 23 years for me to understand my parents, to understand why they did the things they did.They protected my childhood, never pressurizing me to be more than what my age was, for that I am thankful.
They defended my childhood.

So I am urging you ,fight for innocence, fight for your children, your nephews & nieces, your brothers and sisters,  fight for their right to be children, to have that freedom to being 10 and not worry about what they are not allowed to eat, not to worry about relationships, or how they look.

Defend childhood

Here’s to the children in your life, their laughter and the blessings they are



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