And then He said

And they told me life is hard and growing up inconvenient
And trust is hard to keep
That people don’t have faith in each other
And Love does not endure everything

Hope cannot shelter you from all things
They said friendships don’t remain
And Hearts wont stay true
Promises won’t be kept  and your eyes will decieve you.

And my heart was filled with immense sadness.

They said we stop caring for each other
We stop understanding each other
We have money but no one to spend it on
We have joys but no one to share them with
We have goals but no one to achieve them for
We will have the words but no one to hear them
We have love but no one to give it to
We have life, but no one who values it

And my soul was full of grief

And they said you will work without knowing the reason why
You will struggle but not have result
You will dream but not ever live to see it happen
You will fight and your victory will be denied

And my mind grew full of despair and doubt.

And He said
Adversity will come,  but it will not shake you
The flood will come, but you will still stand
The world will crumble but your peace will overcome
The ravens cry but nothing will be stolen

Words you have, they will be heard
Love you give and love to you will be given
You dare to hope, and it will be protected

Friend you need, and here I Am present
Cousel you require, a Father’s heart and wisdom you will find
A hand to hold,  my open arms will wait for you
Despair you see, turn around I am your reacue.
Struggle not, for I am there to help you
Joy you have, I will multiply it for you

Doubt that comes, destroy it in the fire
Helplessness will be burned in the ashes of my comforting love
Riches and wealth,  promises and a future, a resevoir to be shared, hearts hungry for them I will show you


The road is not dark, for your light will shine upon it
The pathway not dangerous,  for angels guard you
The future not bleak for great plans I have for you
Love will never die, for it wasn’t made to
A thousand voices will rise up and make you believe in adversity
But a thousand voices will not be enough to undo the promise I made to you

Growing up is not easy, but I have never left you
You are not alone, I am always with you

And I believed Him. And I always will



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